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"We (heart) Seattle: Second Annu... at Nectar Lounge on Friday, Jul 18, 2014 8:00 PM PDT

Upcoming Show - Golden Gardens are playing a Planned Parenthood benefit with Jason Webley, La Luz and The Gods Themselves!


"Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll" by Golden Gardens // Narcissus (Out Now via Bandcamp)

The new EP from Seattle based dream pop duo Golden Gardens is a gorgeous four track collection. “Narcissus” includes shoegaze, dream pop, ambient, and even some old school trip hop flavors, and truth be told, there’s not a sour note in the bunch, but the EP closer is the song that has been on repeat for most of my evening. “Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll” is a dreamy lullaby that builds from a sweet piano loop to a beautiful, ethereal vocal with a hazy, floating hum of ambient textures. It’s a spectacular track for a late summer’s night. Stream and purchase the entire EP at Bandcamp. Highly recommended for fans of Memoryhouse, Blouse, and Seapony

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Echoworld (Bedroom Demo)

Golden Gardens on KEXP

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We’re playing live on KEXP in Seattle (and streaming wherever quality internet connections are sold) on February 15th.

ARS interview: Golden Gardens talks about their excellent new EP Bellflower and their next show with Love Spirals Downwards' Suzanne Perry - Another Rainy Saturday